An Old-fashioned Book Report

Today I want to talk about a fantastic how-to book.  Its called “The Workbench Guide to Jewelry Techniques”, by Anastasia Young.

The Workbench Guide to Jewelry Techniques

Not only am I a tool junkie, but I’m a bit of a book whore, too.  And this is one that I’d had in my Amazon wish list for a loooong time, but the $35 price tag had me a little gunshy.  I love to be able to hold a book in my hand and browse through its pages to see if its really something that is going to further my education.  But the reviews for this one were so overwhelmingly positive, that I decided to take the plunge, and boy am I ever glad that I did!  This book is hands-down one of the best, most comprehensive jewelry books I’ve ever seen.  A treasure trove of advice for the novice, and a wealth of information for intermediates, too.

It starts with a guide to setting up your workbench, and Ms. Young has shown tools and materials that I didn’t even know existed, but now I realize I need!  She then goes on to discuss materials in great detail from precious metals to gemstones and more.  Then she gets down to the nitty gritty in the techniques section.  Everything is covered…drilling, filing, soldering, annealing, polishing, constructing, fold forming, stone setting, carving and casting….and I could go on and on.  But I’d rather you didn’t waste any more time reading what I’m writing.  Instead, RUN, don’t walk….and get your own copy of this amazing reference book.  Oh, and did I forget to mention??  Now that I’ve bought my copy.  It’s on SALE!  😀


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