Good things come in small packages….

Even studios!  My friends are constantly kidding me about needing to “come out of the closet”.  No, not THAT closet….my metal closet!  I converted a 9-1/2 foot by 5-1/2 foot walk-in closet in my bedroom into a mini-metalworking studio!  Its amazing how much stuff you can put into a small space.

I purchased a workbench at Harbor Freight Tools and managed to squeeze it along one wall.  This is where I do my cutting, sawing, pounding, polishing and designing.  See the foredom hanging from underneath the closet shelf at the end?  What a little workhorse!

Metal working bench

When you’ve got such a small space to work with, going vertical is an absolute must!  I extended my storage options by adding a bench topper.  It has two railed shelves, and even though its only 6 inches deep, it holds a ton of stuff!  Mine is crammed full of metal stamps, alphabet stamps, my forming stakes, and a pretty box of metal sheet that is already textured and ready to be transformed.  Above the bench, I hung a half-sheet of pegboard and created the “hammer shrine” for my pretty Fretz hammers and all the other forging tools I need.

Vertical Storage

On the opposite wall behind my chair, I’ve got shelves and cubbies crammed full of metal, jewelry findings, seed beads, yarn, books….anything and everything I could need for finishing those special projects.  And check out the cool library card catalog cabinets!  Those were a birthday gift this year, and now I’ve got drawers to spare.  That must mean its time to go shopping again, right?  😉

Cubbies and drawers

I hope my little studio tour gave you some ideas on how to maximize the space you’ve got to work with.  If you have great storage ideas you’d like to swap, please leave a comment and tell me all about them!  😀


2 thoughts on “Good things come in small packages….

  1. You know, I’ve seen this in person, but when you show it in pictures like that it’s just lovely. And I kinda hate you a little. You could make a mint being a professional organizer.

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